Saturday, November 3, 2012


I did not get to the gym tonight :(  I did, however, prepare a week's worth of paleo foods!!!! 

I spent a night of drinking beer with my heterosexual life partner, Tucker, talking about my love life.  His thoughts: I have not found a girl that can challenge me intellectually.  I've meet and crushed on a lot of smart girls, Nikki and Celeste, to name a few, but he's right.  I've never felt challenged.  That's a lie.  Nikki challenges me.  And she is beautiful, smart, successful, sincere, amazing.  We tried dating once, but I feel like she didn't think I was serious.  I certainly didn't love myself.  I'm going to try it again, and this time "I'm feeling 22."

WOD for tomorrow:  EMOM 10 min 3x135 snatch and 8 pushups, immediately followed by EMOM 10 min 2x185 jerk then 5 strict pullups.

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