Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day 1

Here's to a new beginning!  After three years of college, and more importantly three years of living the college lifestyle, I've reached a point where a change needs to be made.  I've been lifting weights since freshman year on and off, but have never been able to stick to a workout plan or diet strategy.  The biggest problem for me is once I miss a day, I plan to make it up the next day.  Then, I don't make it up for whatever reason, and plan for the following day.  This cycle would ensue until I would decide to start the week again the following Monday.  My diet would follow a similar cycle.  The result: a lot of mass gain, definite strength gain, but no fat loss. 

Then, I discovered CrossFit.  In one month I've experienced huge strength gains and a fair amount of definition in my upper body.  I feel stronger, more confident, and overall much better than one month ago.  The thing is, I want more.  To be considered a 'CrossFitter' I need to master the most important factor of living fit: the Paleo Diet.

This blog is how I expect to stay honest.  Every day I'll make a new post with the details of my day, from the WOD(s) I do to the food I eat, as well as recipes and article I find within the CrossFit/Paleo community.  I will update my lifting and body stats every two weeks, and post a progress picture every Sunday.  Hopefully, my transformation from fat to fantastic will inspire many to do the same!

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